Prepare Your Home for the Holidays: Hire a Pressure Washing Crew

The holiday season has arrived! Whether you plan on inviting guests over this time of year, transforming your property with holiday decorations, or both, now is an ideal time to schedule service with the pressure washing experts at Evolved Pressure Washing, serving homeowners in and around the Eatontown, NJ area. We’ll help you prepare your home for the season in these key ways:

How Eatontown, NJ’s Pressure Washing Experts Help You Get Into the Holiday Spirit

Pressure Washing Exterior Surfaces

It doesn’t matter how many lights and decorations you add to your property: if its exterior surfaces are dirty, the effect of all your decorations won’t be nearly as impressive as it could be if those surfaces were clean.

We can help by pressure washing such surfaces as your driveway, patio area, and more. Keep in mind that heavy snow and ice have a tendency to compact debris into these hard surfaces over the course of a season if they aren’t cleaned before winter. By hiring our pressure washing team to clean them now, you won’t simply be improving your home’s appearance for the holidays; you’ll also be taking an important step to make spring cleaning much less of a hassle.

Siding Cleaning

Pressure washing isn’t always the best method to use when cleaning an exterior surface. For example, we may instead opt for the soft wash method when cleaning your siding. Because many types of siding can be damaged when exposed to the force of a pressure washer, thoroughly cleaning them requires mixing gentle applications of water with special eco-friendly detergents.

It’s worth noting that cleaning your siding is an effective (but subtle) way to make the holidays an even more cheerful time of year for any quests you invite into your home. According to research, many of us are essentially “programmed” to feel agitated if our environments aren’t clean, but calm if they are. Ensure your guests are more likely to be in a good movie when they arrive at your home by greeting them with clean siding!

Roofing Cleaning

Your roof is another surface you should clean when preparing your home for the holidays. As with many types of siding, it’s best to use the soft wash method when cleaning a roof. This removes debris and organisms like roof algae without the risk of damage that comes with pressure washing roofing.

Scheduling roof washing service this time of year isn’t just an easy way to boost your home’s curb appeal before decorating it. It could be a very wise financial investment. Again, if roof algae is allowed to accumulate on your roofing, it can start to damage the shingles, leaving your home exposed to the elements in the middle of winter. Along with the cost of replacing damaged roofing, you might also face high energy bills (if you need to run your heating equipment more often before the roofing is replaced), water damage repair bills, and much more.

The last thing you want to experience after the holidays is the added stress that comes from these unexpected financial hardships. Guard against that experience by hiring us to clean your roof before winter strikes.

Schedule Service for This Year’s Holiday Season!

You have enough on your plate when getting ready for the holidays. You don’t need to be responsible for cleaning your property too. In some cases, such as when siding needs to be soft washed, you also might not have the training and tools needed to clear a surface without damaging it.

Instead, hire Evolved Pressure Washing, serving Eatontown, NJ homeowners to handle these tasks. We’ll help your property shine this holiday season. Call us today at 732-996-6817 to learn more.

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