Pressure Washing Keeps All of Your Property Clean

Do you live in Middletown? If so, you’re fortunate enough to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. You may want to make the most of living here by ensuring your property is beautiful and inviting too.

However, keeping every aspect of your property clean is easier said than done. There are likely many different surfaces on your property, such as your home’s siding, your roof, your driveway, and more.

Cleaning all these surfaces yourself is very time-consuming. Additionally, different surfaces must be cleaned in different ways. You might not have the equipment and training necessary to thoroughly clean all those surfaces.

You don’t have to. At Evolved Pressure Washing, serving homeowners in and around Middletown NJ, you’ll find a pressure washing company that offers a range of services. If you’re looking for pros to help you keep all exterior surfaces on your property clean, you can turn to us.

Services we offer include:

Pressure Washing

Your driveway, pool area, and any other hard surfaces on your property can get stained and grimy over time. This doesn’t just impact their appearance. It can also put the safety of anyone on your property at risk.

Rain can make algae and other debris that accumulates on these hard surfaces dangerously slippery. By hiring a local pressure washing company in the Middletown area to clean these surfaces on a regular basis, you’ll ensure they both look beautiful and don’t result in unexpected injuries.

Wood & Fence Cleaning

Wood fences and other wooden surfaces can add rustic charm to a property. However, wood is also prone to rot. If it’s not cleaned regularly, what was once a beautiful wood surface can become an eyesore.

That doesn’t need to happen! Our pressure washing team can clean your wood surfaces and fence as well.

Roof Cleaning

Like the hard surfaces on your property, a dirty roof isn’t just unattractive. Roofs that have lost their visual appeal have often become hosts for roof algae. If you wait too long to remove this organism, it will also attract lichen, and begin eating away at your shingles. This negatively impacts your roof’s lifespan and leaves your home exposed to the elements.

We’ll help you avoid such woes with our soft wash roof washing service. Be aware that you can’t clean a roof by pressure washing it. Doing so will damage the shingles. Instead, we apply specialized, eco-friendly detergents that, when combined with water, thoroughly clean a roof without the risk of damage.

House Washing

Your home’s siding plays a major role in your property’s overall curb appeal. Like your roof, your siding is another surface that can’t stand up to the force of a pressure washer. That’s why we also offer soft wash house washing services.

Your Pressure Washing Experts

The main point to take away from all this is that keeping all the exterior surfaces of your Middletown home clean can be much easier than you think. Hire Evolved Pressure Washing, and you’ll be hiring a soft wash and pressure washing company that can handle virtually all exterior property cleaning tasks. Call us today at (732) 996-6817 to learn more.

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