Prevent Black Streaks on Your Roof with Evolved Pressure Washing

Research reveals that roofing replacements make up 94% of the total roofing projects. From removing black streaks to repairing broken shingles, maintaining your roof can save you cash and prevent damages.

If you recently noticed algae growth on your roof, you’re likely seeking DIY ways to fix it. Unfortunately, a task this tedious requires proven techniques executed by professionals.

At Evolved Pressure Washing, our expert roof cleaners employ a practical and innovative method called soft washing to erase those black streaks and help prevent future black streaks.

Let’s discuss how black streaks appear on your roof shingles and how you can prevent them with soft wash roof cleaning services:

Why Does My Roof Shingles Have Algae?

If your roof has started taking a dark and black appearance with ugly streaks, you might think dirt, soot, or mildew is accumulating. The truth is that these dark spots and black streaks degrading your roof’s appeal are algae.

The most common type of algae, gloeocapsa magma starts growing as small spots. After some time, they transform into visible streaks.
As a result, homeowners tend to notice the growth of gloeocapsa magma two to three months after they appear.

Since the gloeocapsa magma can form a protective outer coating that shields it from damaging UV rays, they take a darkly pigmented appearance.

What are the Best Ways of Removing Black Streaks from my Roof?

The gloeocapsa magma, among other algae, may start accumulating on your roof shingles. As a result, they can reduce the beauty and appeal of your home.

Here are several effective ways of preventing and removing these black streaks from your roof:

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning
Soft washing is a popular and effective way of killing pests and algae on your roof shingles.

Since algae have root systems, the soft wash roof cleaning technique sanitizes, penetrates, and eliminates their roots.

As a result, you get a beautifully cleaned surface.

Replacing the Shingles
If your roof was already in poor shape before developing black streaks, a replacement may be in order.

Replacing the worn-out shingles with new, high-quality ones can significantly improve your home’s look and appeal.

But this can cost tens of thousands of dollars, whereas soft washing your roof costs only a fraction of that amount.

Connecting with Professional Roof Cleaners at Evolved Pressure Washing

Climbing atop your roof with dangerous chemicals, water, and a ladder can pose various health hazards. From slipping to causing damage to your roof, things could go south quickly if you’re not a professional.

Evolved Pressure Washing saves you the trouble of getting on a slippery roof with its team of experts.

Our dedicated, certified, and experienced roof cleaning team use state-of-the-art roof cleaning techniques, such as soft wash removal, to upgrading your roof’s look within seconds.

Our team use innovative technology, undergo years of training, and gain industry-relevant certifications to ensure you get a beautifully restored roof with zero damage.

The Bottom Line- Revamp Your Roof with Evolved Pressure Washing

Ensuring a clean, well-maintained, and attractive roof plays a critical role in boosting the aesthetic and value of your home.

If your roof has black streaks, wear and tear, loose shingles, or needs maintenance, consider connecting with our roofing professionals at Evolved Pressure Washing.

Give us a call or book an appointment to refresh your home’s look.

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