Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Experts Explain Why You Need to Get Rid of Roof Algae

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Have you noticed black streaks and/or patches on your roof? If so, get in touch our with soft wash cleaning team right away. Those streaks and patches indicate the presence of Gloeocapsa magma. Better known to some as “roof algae,” this organism can cause major short-term and long-term damage to your roof. Getting rid of it as soon as possible is crucial.

If you don’t, you may struggle with the following issues:

Reduced Curb Appeal

Your home’s curb appeal doesn’t just affect how proud you are of it. It can also have a significant impact on the value of your home. If you’re planning on selling your house in the future, people will be more interested in buying it when it looks its best. On the other hand, if your roof is ugly due to Gloeocapsa magma, potential buyers won’t be impressed.

Reduced Reflectivity

It’s not uncommon for roofs these days to be designed for maximum reflectivity. That means they reflect as much of the sun’s heat away from your home instead of holding it. This helps you save money by reducing your need to use cooling equipment frequently.

Unfortunately, roof algae can limit your shingles’ reflectivity. If you don’t clean it away, you may find yourself spending more on energy bills than you had expected. Because roof algae tends to spread throughout a roof when it’s allowed to develop, the problem will only get worse over the years.

Additional Organisms

Gloeocapsa magma doesn’t just cause problems on its own. This algae has also been known to attract fungi. When they develop together in the same area, fungi and algae develop into lichen.

Lichen is a separate organism that can also damage your roof substantially. Unfortunately, removing lichen is very difficult. You’ll save yourself a lot if time, money, and frustration if you remove roof algae before it attracts any other organisms. You’ll also be more likely to identify moist areas of your roof where algae can thrive. If you identify these spots, you may be able to take steps to reduce the moisture in those areas. This helps you prevent future algae growth.

Shingle Damage

Most roof shingles are made with limestone. That’s because it’s an affordable but durable material that’s typically strong enough to protect and insulate your home.

Unfortunately, Gloeocapsa magma can actually eat away at limestone over time. This has major financial consequences.

In the short run, damage to your shingles exposes your house to the elements. Your energy bills may go up if your home is no longer thoroughly insulated. Rain and snow can also more easily get in the house when shingles are deteriorating, putting you at risk of water damage and mold growth.

In the long run, you’ll need to replace your roof sooner than expected. While no roof lasts forever, a typical shingle roof should last two decades before you need to install a new one. Your roof’s lifespan will decrease substantially if Gloeocapsa magma is allowed to thrive. Luckily, with soft wash cleaning, it’s possible to remove it thoroughly without causing any additional damage to the roof.

It’s also worth noting that eating away at limestone isn’t the only way Gloeocapsa magma damages your shingles. Algae (and the other organisms it can attract) typically retains moisture. When temperatures drop below freezing, that moisture can turn to ice and expand. It will often break apart any nearby shingles when this happens. This is common in New Jersey, where cold winters are to be expected.

Why You Need Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

These points clearly illustrate why it’s important for you to remove Gloeocapsa magma sooner rather than later. That said, you also want to be confident the professionals handling the task won’t damage your roof in the process. This is particularly important if your shingles have already been weakened by roof algae.

You don’t have to worry about that when you hire Evolved Pressure Washing, based in Middletown, NJ. For tasks like these, we rely on soft wash roof cleaning techniques. As the name implies, this involves using significantly less pressure than power washing. Our special blend of environmentally friendly detergents break down contaminants, so even though less pressure is applied, your roof will still be cleaned thoroughly. To learn more, give us a call at 732-996-6817 or fill out our online request form.

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